Ortho-Stop & CPAP

ORTHO-STOP  Used with CPAP for Sleep Apnea

Ortho-Stop can increase CPAP compliance in conjunction with CPAP use.  Having worked with over 1000 cases dealing with clenching and grinding, I can assure you positive results with Ortho-Stop.

Ortho-Stop is small, custom made and very comfortable.  It is not a bulky night guard. Ortho-Stop significantly reduces electrical firing to the CNS and brain because it stops clenching and grinding, which lasts 2-6 hours nightly.

Ortho-stop usage will:
Dramatically increase deep/REM sleep cycles
Reduce cortisol secretion at night
Reduce anxiety
Reduce depression
Increase physiological re energization

With clenching and grinding, one will experience a very agitated sleep.  With deep/REM sleep cycles, the patient will be less affected by the “discomfort” of the CPAP.  With increased deep/REM sleep, the patient should tolerate their CPAP better.  CPAP compliance will increase.  The primary problem is the effects of a lack of deep/REM sleep, not the CPAP. With Ortho-Stop enhancing deep/REM sleep, the patient should tolerate their CPAP better.

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