Sleep Cycles Importance of Deep/REM Sleep

Sleep Cycles and the Importance of Deep /REM Sleep

The 5 Sleep Cycles

Light sleep……5-10 minutes
Stage 2……. 20 minutes
Delta sleep….Transition between light and deep sleep
Deep sleep…. 20 minutes
Rem sleep……1st cycle, 1 hour.  Later cycles progressively longer

The sleep cycles repeat 4-5 times nightly. Each sleep cycle lasts 90-110 minutes.

During Deep/REM sleep, muscles are more relaxed and positive brain activity is increased for physiological repair.

With clenching and grinding, you are getting tense muscles and disruptive, non productive brain activity.

Ortho-Stop = muscular relaxation = max Deep/REM sleep = increased re energization of the body.

Sleep Disruptions and Lack of Deep/REM Sleep Create:

  • Lowered immune system
  • Increased cortisol production and health issues
  • Lack of re energization
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Memory loss

Grinding 2-6 hours nightly creates a prolonged sleep disturbance, which greatly affects the Deep/REM sleep cycle.  Your Deep/REM sleep cycle is of utmost importance, because it is the only cycle that initiates the brain to commence bodily repair.

Ortho-Stop will dramatically reduce sleep disturbances from night time clenching and grinding.  With  Deep/REM sleep enhanced, the body benefits greatly.

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