the alternative to the worthless night guard

                                                 Ortho-Stop, the alternative to the worthless night guard

Many of you are currently wearing or have worn a night guard(probably hidden in a drawer).The common theme is the night guard is very bulky,not attractive to be seen wearing and it doesn’t work.This is true of the custom night guard fabricated in a dental office or the store bought version.  With custom night guards costing up to $800, patients feel ripped off by the lack of results.

The design of the night guard prevents it from working. You still can bite down  with maximum force to the teeth.  Consequently,  all of the painful symptoms that the patient has are not alleviated.  In many cases, the symptoms are worse with the night guard.

On the other hand, Ortho-Stop worn at night will dramatically reduce almost all symptoms associated with night time clenching and grinding. Ortho-Stop is custom made, very comfortable, cost effective and actually works.  Having worn night guards for years and then switching to Orth-Stop, I can attest to the failure of the night guard and the many benefits of Ortho-Stop.

The many benefits of Ortho-Stop are :

1.  Reduces jaw, neck and shoulder pain an tension
2. Relieves migraines and headaches caused by clenching and grinding
3. Improve deep sleep and the benefits associated with deep sleep
4.  Reduce night time excess cortisol production

A night guard can’t make these claims based on its design.  Ortho-Stop is the answer for many people. Please refer to for the full picture.