Why Ortho-Stop Will Help alcohol & Drug Recovery Patients

                                                                                                                                                                              Why Ortho-Stop will help alcohol and drug recovery patients.

Ortho-Stop will drastically reduce night time clenching and grinding.  Because of this, symptoms such as jaw pain, neck pain, upper back, migraines, headaches, poor sleep, lack of energy, anxiety, depression, tinnitus, vertigo and excess cortisol can be reduced.

People clench and grind 2-6 hours nightly.  This is why neck, jaw, and upper back pain is so common when we wake up.  Why have dental migraines and headaches if they can be avoided with Ortho-Stop.

 Poor deep sleep , including poor REM sleep, will effect health and wellness.  Anxiety, depression, poor memory, lack of energy in the morning will all be affected.  With Ortho-Stop, better deep sleep will improve and its related health benefits.
 Clenching and grinding at night will also cause excess cortisol secretion at night.  Excess cortisol secretion has been linked with with type 2 diabetes, poor sleep, thyroid problems,
stress, anxiety, depression , memory loss and belly fat.  Reduce excess cortisol with Ortho-Stop, because clenching and grinding have been greatly reduced.What does all of this have to do with the drug addict or alcoholic going through recovery?  What does this have to do with the ex drug addict or alcoholic who has gone through recovery and rehab and is trying to maintain sobriety?  Ortho-Stop will help in the recovery and rehab process.  It is important that the recovery/rehab patient has as smooth transition as possible in rehab and recovery.  If Ortho-Stop can reduce pain, improve deep sleep and reduce excess cortisol at night, then the rehab/recovery patient is dealing with less psychological and physical symptoms that will reduce the the chance for recovery and maintenance in the recovered patient.  Stress, anxiety, depression, poor memory, pain and lack of energy should be under control while the patient is in recovery and after.

As we can see, Ortho-Stop, can help reduce physical and psychological problems by reducing night time clenching and grinding. Ortho-Stop should be used by all patients beginning rehab/recovery and patients who have successfully gone through the program and  are in maintenance.