Enhanced Athletic Performance

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Enhanced athletic performance and Ortho-Stop

Ortho-Stop can enhance athletic performance.  This applies to the tri athlete, cyclist or professional athlete.  Ortho-Stop will dramatically reduce night time clenching and grinding. If you have pain in your jaw,neck , upper back, migraines, headaches,stress, anxiety, depression, lack of energy or poor sleep, you probably clench and grind your teeth at night. How can Ortho-Stop enhance athletic performance?  The first reason, is you will increase flexibility in your neck and have better range of motion. No stiff neck when you wake up The second reason is that you will sleep better. Your REM sleep cycles will be longer due to reducing your clenching and grinding.  Only during the REM sleep cycle does the body go through physiological repair. 

More energy, QUICKER RECOVERY.  What athlete doesn’t want that! The third reason is  Ortho-Stop can reduce excess cortisol secretion at night.  Up to 35%.  Clenching and grinding is a stressful act.  Therefore, the body can secrete excess cortisol.  This can lead to poor sleep, lack of energy,anxiety, stress and thyroid problems. Ortho-Stop will dramatically reduce night time clenching and grinding.  It is custom made, comfortable,price effective and it works. Athletes use supplements in there quest for performance.  Ortho-Stop should be added to the athletes must haves.  It allows the brain to go into quiet mode, so it can concentrate on physiological repair, not to have to deal with electrical impulses 2-6 hour nightly sent by the clenching teeth to the brain. There are scientific studies that correlate clenching and grinding and its effect on athletic performance.  The web site Ortho-Stop.com will explain the issues of REM sleep and cortisol secretion more fully.